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    Peanuts Sunflower and Squash seeds Cranberries and raisins Rich in fibre The Product +: Gluten-free

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  • 100% vegetable protein (17% per portion) Sunflower, squash and flax seeds Mix of grains and legumes Honey The Product +: Soya free – Lactose free – Gluten free

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  • 9,12 € 14,12 €

    70% native vegetable protein: isolates of pea, soya and rice protein obtained by crushing 17.5 g of proteins, including 2.9 g of BCAA and 3 g of glutamine, per shaker No sugars or fats, 84 kcal per shaker Natural flavourings: free of colours and gluten 100% Vegan Product Highlight: Exclusive innovation (patent pending): AMINOLISE® To maximise...

    25,50 €
  • Stimuant "Coup de whip" Caffeine + Taurine + Vitamins Physical and mental vitality Alertness and concentration + The Product: Ready-to-drink, easy to carry!  

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  • «Resistance to exercise stress»

    Rustproofing Plant extracts (Ginkgo, Grape, ...), vitamins (B2, C, ...) and minerals (Zinc, Selenium, ...): Anti-oxidant in the body Support natural defenses The + Product: Unique complex of antioxidants  

    16,54 €
  • «Cardiovascular function & mental strength»

    Rich in EPA + DHA, Omega 3 fatty acids: cardiovascular Operation Maintaining the mental tone The + Product: Ultra Omega 3/6/9 + contains a complex of vegetable oils and fish made from carefully selected natural raw materials, the proportion of which has been specifically designed to optimize the fatty acid profile and make the fatty acids essential to...

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  • «Low Calorie High Protein Bar»

    High protein low calorie snacks Silhouette Slimming & 15 g Protein + Vitamins    

    10,38 €
  • «Muscle Growth and Energy»

    Creatine + Taurine + BCAA The + product:An exclusive innovation: L' Aminolise ® Regular consumption of protein can cause some adverse effects frequently observed such as: bloating, gas, sluggishness and digestive heaviness. For digestibility and optimal assimilation, all our proteins (excluding Whey Gold Plus and Muscle Protein) are enriched by an...

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  • «High Performance Energy bar»

    Special Long Term Efforts Carbohydrates Whey +  

    10,38 €
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