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  • «Energy gel effort & antioxidants»

    Energy Freeze effort of carbohydrate Specifically formulated for the starting line With extracts of plants The + Product: Grape extract Powergrape® enhances muscle stamina, helps protect cells from oxidative stress and reduce the burden of sensations in the legs.

    15,76 € 16,59 € -5%
  • «Energy Gel Long Distances - To Acids Amines Branches»

    Energy Freeze effort of carbohydrate For the BCAA (L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine) major constituents of muscle mass Specifically formulated for long distances The + Product : A very pleasant texture when liquid sustained effort and a fresh mint taste that allows to break the saturation of sweetness.

    18,34 € 20,38 € -10%
  • «Energy gel effort for the last km and in case of increased difficulty»

    Anti-fatigue action - accelerates recovery Energy Freeze effort of carbohydrate Patented Active Beet'4Perf® Specifically formulated for the final kilometers and in cases of increased difficulty INNOVATION: ACTIVE PATENTED BEET'4PERF® *: beet extract naturally concentrated nitrate with demonstrated effects on performance and endurance.* Beet'4Perf...

    20,26 € 21,33 € -5%
  • «Energy Gel short distances - the energizing complex»

    Energy Freeze effort of carbohydrate Specifically formulated for short distances Energizing complex The + Product: 3 2 flavors and textures available for a pleasant change during the race

    15,76 € 16,59 € -5%
  • «Special muscle contractures»

    Promotes lactic acid breakdown Contributes to normal muscle function Helps to counteract fatigue The + Product : with plant extracts, vitamin B6 and minerals.

    6,64 € 9,48 € -30%
  • «High Performance Energy bar»

    Special Long Term Efforts Carbohydrates Whey +  

    8,96 € 9,95 € -10%
  • «High performance energy cake»

    Optimal assimilation Long Term Energy The + Product: The AMINOLISE ®, an exclusive innovation scientific STC NUTRITION ® Unique combination of natural active ingredients: fiber, lactic ferments, proteolytic digestive enzymes and the AMINOLISE ® can provide easily digestible protein. Assimilation is faster while minimizing the side effects commonly...

    9,30 € 10,33 € -10%
  • «Isotonic energy drink»

    Maltodextrin Dextrose + Fructose + To extract Guarana support physical and mental vitality To extract Grape Powergrape ®: antioxidant etréduit feelings of heaviness in the legs The + Product: Optimal assimilation Powergrape + ® (

    14,22 €
  • «High performance energy drink»

    Your High Performance energy drink for long term efforts The single containing 100% pure isolate of whey proteins and, in an ideal ratio to support muscle mass during the effort. A formula specially developed for the intense efforts: carbohydrates to progressive assimilation (energy), electrolytes (hydration), vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 (energy...

    18,96 €
  • «Energy Drink 100% Maltodextrins»

    Energy drink in preparation for prolonged diffusion Maltodextrins + Vitamins Energy + Hydration + maintaining performance The + Product: Optimal assimilation, Taste Neutral, No Acidity.  

    11,37 €
  • «Muscle constitution»

    Reducing fatigue The branched chain amino acids (BCAA), constituents of muscles: L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine Rich in vitamins B2, B6 and B12 help to reduce fatigue The + Product: Ideal if soreness, advance and / or after exercise  

    17,73 € 20,85 € -15%
  • 13,70 € 16,11 € -15%
  • «Cardiovascular function & mental strength»

    Rich in EPA + DHA, Omega 3 fatty acids: cardiovascular Operation Maintaining the mental tone The + Product: Ultra Omega 3/6/9 + contains a complex of vegetable oils and fish made from carefully selected natural raw materials, the proportion of which has been specifically designed to optimize the fatty acid profile and make the fatty acids essential to...

    20,95 € 24,64 € -15%
  • «Muscular Strength and Resistance»

    With extracts of Tribulus, Maca and Ginseng, vitamins B1-B6-B12: Maintenance of natural testosterone levels Support of physical performance Reduction in fatigue  

    15,26 € 21,80 € -30%
  • «Reduces fatigue»

    Maximum Muscle Development Increases strength and endurance Performance surdynamisées The + Product:Complex synergized energizing substances promoting the production of energy from fat, fuel major muscle during long-term efforts to minimize the occurrence of cramps and aches.  

    13,93 € 19,91 € -30%
  • «Mental & physical recovery»

    Glutamine + Arginine + Selenium Vitamin B6 + Zinc metabolism proteins (components of the muscles) and glycogen (energy reserve)

    15,64 € 20,85 € -25%
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