Optimal performance
  • Patented creatine monohydrate latest generation alkaline pH
  • Improves physical abilities, including strength and muscle power
  • Ideal for exercises successive intense and short-lived

The + Product:
KRE-ALKALYN ® Stable Creatine = 100% bioavailable for optimal efficiency!

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Dietary Supplement 100% Kre-Alkalyn ®.

objective: To maximize his power, he must bring his body specific nutrients that will improve physical abilities especially in the short and intense exercise, helping to push the limits of fatigue, while promoting the maintenance or development of muscle mass. Creatine, Caffeine, extracts and vitamins carefully selected plants can contribute.

Specially developed based Creatine Kre-Alkalyn®:

  • Creatine enhances physical abilities - including muscle strength and power - in case of successive rounds of intense exercise of short duration, for a daily intake of 3 g.
  • Kre-Alkalyn ® is a patented Creatine monohydrate * at alkaline pH, 100% stable.

Box of 90 capsules


Ingredients: Kre - Alkalyn ® (Creatine monohydrate buffered patented *), capsule (gelatine, colouring: iron oxide, titanium dioxide, emulsifier: magnesium stearate.)
* Patent No. USA / U.S. PATENT 6399661

Average nutritional information for 6 capsules:

  • KRE - ALKALYN ®: patented Creatine monohydrate * at alkaline pH, 100% stable: 3000 mg


Directions: 4 capsules preferably 90-60 min. before the training session, if necessary, 2 capsules immediately after it. (Maximum 6 per day)

Recommendations: Do not exceed 6 capsules per day.

Contrary to popular belief, Creatine is not a doping substance. She is now allowed in food supplements. All-Nutrition Creatine STC are 100% PURE and obtained by high-performance manufacturing technologies that ensure quality.




Très bon produit

On sent la différence, donne de la puissance et de l’energie



avis kre alkaliyn

tres bon produit pour les charges tres lourdes on sent la force musculaire et on a faire des series

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Optimal performance

14,41 € instead of 18,01 €