High Performance Energy bar
  • Special Long Term Efforts
  • Carbohydrates Whey +


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Energy from exertion of carbohydrate, intake bar enriched with vitamins C-PP-E-B5-B2-B1-A-B9-B8-B6-D-B12, flavour banana, chocolateou Red fruits.

Objective: To provide sports fuels essential to the production of energy during exercise, in the right proportions and in a form specifically designed according to the time of consumption.

Ideal every 40 minutes during intense efforts or of long duration. Combine with a moisturizing product.

Specially developed for:

  • Provide energy in the form of quickly carbohydrate during exercise.
  • Rich in proteins (whey), which contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.
  • Rich in vitamin A-E-C-D-B1-B2-PP-B5-B6-B8-B9-B12; C-B1-B2-PP-B5-B6-B8-B12 vitamins support energy metabolism; C-B2-B5-B6-B9-B12 vitamins help reduce fatigue; Vitamin D helps in the maintenance of muscle function.

Case of 5 bars of 45 g-Taste banana, chocolate and red fruit


Ingredients banana (BA), chocolate (CHO), berries (FR): syrup of glucose, protein milk, cocoa butter, banana (BA), berries (cereals) (FR), sucrose, fructose, sorbitol (BA, CHO) syrup, ground hazelnuts (CHO), crunchy almonds (CHO), fl our of potato (BA, FR), inulin (FR), citrate of magnesium (FR), syrup of
sucrose, cocoa powder defatted (CHO), our of potato (CHO), sorbitol syrup (FR), potassium gluconate (FR), aroma (FR), inulin (BA, CHO), TCM (strings mean Triglycerides) (coconut, Palm, rapeseed), vitamins A-C-D-E-B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B8-B9-B12, cellulose; (FR) potassium chloride, L-cystine, aroma (BA).

Nutritional information per 45g bar:

  • Energy / Energy 170-179 kcal (716-752 kJ)
  • Fat 4.3 g - 5.0 g
  • Of which saturated 2.4 g - 3.0 g
  • Including TCM 0.3 g
  • Carbohydrate 22.5 g
  • Which sugars 9.0 g - 11.3 g
  • Including polyols 1.0 g
  • Fiber 1.3 g
  • Protein 10.1 g - 10.8 g
  • Including whey 1.8 g
  • Salt 0.1 g
  • Vitamin (e) has 400 μg (50% AR)
  • Vitamin (e) B1 0.55 mg (50% AR)


Directions for use: Consume small bites during the effort to input immediate energy, from 1 to 2 bars per day, in addition to a hydration product.

Recommendations: Keep out of the reach of children, heat and moisture. Consume as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to meet the needs of an immediate or complete muscular effort. It is recommended not to exceed the recommended dosage. A best before date shown on the packaging.




Efficaces mais difficiles à ouvrir

Bien dosées et pas trop dures à mâcher, mais difficiles à ouvrir à vélo. Il faudrait ajouter une languette sur le sachet.

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High Performance Energy bar

10,38 €