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Athletic performance is the result of multiple factors: technical, environmental, physical, mental ...

Among them, nutrition has a particularly significant influence. Every athlete, beginner or high-level , must establish parallel with his physical preparation nutritional strategy to accompany its performance during training and competition.

Food is a way of ensuring a balanced supply of nutrients. However, it may be useful to enhance the nutritional density of food by Sports nutrition products to meet the increased and specific needs of the organization to make the most of each individual capital.

Beyond providing essential energy, they can link the training and competitions maintaining performance and minimizing the risk of injury and the form of drops.


20 years of expertise in the field of food supplements and passion for the sport and its values ​​have made STC NUTRITION®, INELDEA Laboratories, a must-have brand , acclaimed by both top athletes by amateur practitioners.

Our experts in sports nutrition have developed a complete range and pointed to each Athlete's make the most of their individual capital while respecting its balance.