Our commitment

Bring healthy and targeted solutions, respecting the body, to help you naturally an active approach, combining a balanced diet, physical activity and nutritional support.

All STC NUTRITION ® brand products have been developed by experts in sports nutrition, in order to make healthy and appropriate responses to the needs of everyone.


NUTRITION range STC is the only to take into account the bioavailability of active, that is to say, everyone's ability to assimilate what he ingested, and it is essential to optimize for maximum efficiency. The formulas and active associations are defined in this direction.


Our expertise in natural health products has enabled us to develop a full range and sharp , implementing:

Innovative formulas developed from the best raw materials of natural origin, but also vitamins , minerals, amino acids, fatty acids , carefully selected and controlled in compliance with European standards, and enjoying a perfect traceability .

  • Active with a scientifically proven effects and proven efficacy in treatments.
  • Food supplements that benefit from the best technology and provide specific assets to make the assimilation of nutrients and comfort taken.
  • Optimal dosages for optimum efficiency .

INELDEA Laboratories are ISO 22 000. They meet the regulatory requirements for your total security.



Developed by our Research and Development department, all STC NUTRITION products are manufactured in France.UNE GAMME CONFORME A LA NORME AFNOR ANTI-DOPAGE

STC NUTRITION® was one of the 1st Sport Nutrition brands can claim conformity to the anti- doping AFNOR NF V94-001, find out more www.anti-dopage.com.

By wearing your confidence INELDEA laboratories and range STC NUTRITION®, you make the choice of technical and scientific expertise in the formulation of innovative natural health products and quality, designed to help you achieve your goals.