ATP in the heart muscle power

Strength sports such as bodybuilding, crossfit or rugby, into muscles differently endurance sports: the efforts are usually short but intense. The muscles must be able to contract faster and with more power.

ATP: the heart muscle contraction

Each muscle consists of thousands of elongated cells, so-called muscle fibers. Each fiber is composed itself made up of specific proteins of filaments (actin and myosin): these filaments slide between them to contract the muscle fibers, so the muscle.

The only source of energy used by the muscle to contract is ATP.

ATP is a charged amino acid in which energy is capable of releasing this energy as muscle needs. All muscle fibers contain a small supply of ATP which will allow the muscle to contract very quickly, especially in case of rapid effort. But to contract the muscles need a large amount of energy, and their reserves are limited ATP: stocks are depleted in just 2 or 3 seconds. Once these depleted stocks and to continue the contraction of the muscle, the body must synthesize new molecules of ATP: different mechanisms will be asked in turn:

1) First, ATP is synthesized from creatine phosphate. Creatine phosphate is a molecule stored in muscles that allows muscles to synthesize ATP. This mechanism allows to extend the effort to 15 seconds.

2) Next, when the creatine phosphate stocks are depleted, the muscle will synthesize ATP from glycogen. Glycogen is a complex carbohydrate stored in the liver and in the muscles which allows cells to synthesize ATP. This second mechanism allows to further extend the effort to 90 seconds. But without oxygen, ATP synthesis from glycogen will lead to the formation of lactic acid, which makes the effort more difficult. These metabolic waste products accumulate, which results in acidification of the cell medium; this acidification leads in turn muscle fatigue and decreased performance (limiting the strength, power and weight gain).

3) To continue muscle contraction beyond 90 seconds, the ATP will be synthesized aerobically (ie d in the presence of oxygen): the resulting effort is of lower intensity but may last longer.

In a brief and intense effort, such as building exercises and muscle development in bodybuilding or made crossfit, the muscle will therefore mainly use the first 2 ATP synthesis mechanisms, once its depleted reserves.

Muscle power: the way forward?

The nutritional preparation (PRE-WORKOUT) is a key factor in performance: it will allow to provide the muscle needed nutrients for better energy production and assets that will strengthen its resistance to damage caused by stress.


A new exclusive patented active: Peak ATP®

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ATP is the key cellular energy, especially in the muscles where it is the sole energy source. Thanks to advances in research, it is now able to synthesize this molecule, and in a form usable by cells. Available exclusively at STC Nutrition®, Peak ATP® is a patented active ingredient of the American University of Tampa; its structure is identical to that of human ATP.

An intake of Peak ATP® before exercise increases the reserves mobilized ATP during exercise.

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In short: during intense and repeated exercise, the athlete is able to lift heavier weights by performing more repetitions, while being more effective on muscle development and having a better recovery!

ATP MAX® Pre-workout, a proprietary formula STC Nutrition®

In an ongoing concern for optimization of its formulas, STC has Nutrition® Peak ATP® associated with the Beta-alanine for optimized efficiency through their synergistic actions.

Peak ATP® 450 mg

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Beta-alanine 300 mg

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  • Rich in vitamin B1 that contributes to normal energy metabolism and normal heart function.

Rich in vitamin B6, which helps reduce fatigue and normal protein metabolism and glycogen, the essential constituents of the muscles.

Source of calcium which contributes to normal muscle function.

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