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Sports People, running experiencing a craze in recent years. According to a study by the KantarSport company in 2013, nearly 56% of French are physically active at least once a month. "Running in fourth place daily sports most practiced in France, after the active walking, swimming, hiking and mountain biking before." This sport has won over 20% of 15-34 years, nearly 30% of 35-49 years, and over 30% of 50 years old. Simple and efficient ! Today difficult to find time for regular physical activity, between work, family, friends, ... Fixed schedules of training sessions do not always fit best in an overloaded schedule. Not to mention the cost of registration which can sometimes be a barrier to engagement. These constraints often lead to the abandonment of the activity performed ... at the expense of fitness, wellness and shape. When MOVE becomes a need, what more easy as putting on a pair of sneakers and go out for a few strides? No constraint of time and space, low cost, the most total freedom to practice alone or with others, that's the strength of Running! Whether to stop smoking, lose weight or stay in shape, running can satisfy all these needs in addition to providing significant benefits (cardiovascular maintenance, strength ...). Psychologically, it is a real ally when we wish to hunt the bad thoughts and release stress. The French are concerned more about their health: running is a sport that will keep good physical and mental condition.

Anyone can get started!

Marathon runners often go for aliens in the eyes of the uninitiated. Yet running is within reach of everyone, even of 42 km, as evidenced by the 54,000 marathon runners of Paris in 2015. How? According to some simple conditions to be met, none should be overlooked:

- Regular training and adapted to improve endurance and speed, according to an established plan;

- From right material: in other words, good running shoes, adapted to the morphology of the foot and the number of kilometers traveled;

- A healthy lifestyle: a healthy, balanced diet, adequate sleep;

- Nutritional support products specifically designed and easy to use, to provide energy during the sessions and stay hydrated, but also to take care of his body and optimize metabolism, while avoiding injury.

STC Nutrition® partner of all runners!

Whether you are a beginner or experienced rider, STC Nutrition ® provides the most suitable products to maintain your comfort and to optimize your performance.

I begin…

>> Objective: avoid injury and "polish up" his body

BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE EFFORT: drink MINERAL DRINK (KILL-FIT® or drink during the 1st session if the goal is weight loss and fat mass)

IN CURE: BCAA SYNERGY +, to take care of the muscles rediscover physical activity + NATURAL DETOX, to drain and eliminate toxins


My hearts: the short distance ...

>> Objective: tease the clock, gain speed

BEFORE EFFORT: GUARANA SHOT concentrated and it is moving!

DURING EFFORT: ISOTONIC POWER, isotonic energy drink energizing, containing guarana but also a patented active Powergrape®, grape extract to effest clinically proven to improve muscle stamina. (Powergrape® is a registered trademark of Naturex. + energy gel OVER ENERGY Blast® to prevent strokes when the intensity increases or beyond 40 minutes of effort.

AFTER EFFORT: MALTO POWER GEL CRYO refreshes and to facilitate recovery.

IN CURE: KRE-Alkalyn ® 3000, 100% effective patented form of creatine, to optimize physical performance

I dream of marathons ...

>> Objective: resist, gain endurance


DURING EFFORT : VO2 MAX ® , the only energy drink high performance 100% pure protein isolate hyper digestible whey + BCAA Blast® OVER and OVER NO Blast® CRAMP alternately energy gels specially developed for long distances.

AFTER EFFORT : RECUP MAX , antioxidants recovery drink that provides all the necessary elements in rehydrating the body.

CURE IN 1 MONTH : Peptides AMINOSPORT for muscle function + CARNITINE COMPLEX , to optimize the physical and mental performance while resisting fatigue + 33 VITAMINS & ANTIOXIDANTS , to withstand the stress of the effort.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Follow the advice of Coach video STC Nutrition® to prepare your Marathon.

The marathon is a long race, which requires a specific preparation. To get to achieve its goals requires a rigorous physical preparation and nutrition.

Find videos of our coach STC Nutrition® Sébastien CAMUS ( Competitor and fitness coach , Manager of a team of Raid Adventure / Trail Running , 2nd DIAGONAL OF FOOLS 2015) to confidently understand this event.

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