NUTRITION in the heart of your sport

Decrease brightness, early first frost, loss of form, morale ... The Fall and Winter seasons are conducive to small "soft coups", which do not facilitate the resumption or continuation of physical activity regular. Yet it is an essential element of well-being and health. In addition, it allows, in winter, spending the potential caloric surplus related to the desires of rich dishes, often bold, that bring comfort in this season ... Do not lose neither the motivation nor the energy!

Lack of energy, fatigue?

Fatigue is sometimes caused by a deficiency of certain minerals and certain vitamins. Indeed, despite a diet, it is not so obvious that to have his "quota" of all the micronutrients your body needs to maintain its vitality:

• The B vitamins are useful in energy metabolism and many other functions (synthesis of red blood cells, immune system support ...) that affect the daily form. They are found in whole grains, legumes.

• Vitamin C is an asset deal with winter ailments and fatigue, it's almost a cliché ... and yet it works! Despite the cold, be sure to eat enough fruits and vegetables.

• Magnesium, dried fruits and vegetables are an excellent source - not to mention chocolate, preferably black so it is not too sweet, and in moderation for his fat intake.

• The Iron is the key to the oxygen transport in the body and a deficiency, very common in women, may be the cause of recurrent fatigue. The most bioavailable form is found in meat and fish.

  • But the energizing plants are no exception! Among the most famous:
  • Ginseng, this herb "adaptogen" is a stimulant of the body and allows it in cases of fatigue, to maintain its ability to provide physical and intellectual effort without pump stroke;
  • Guarana, rich in caffeine (! 7 times more than coffee), it stimulates the central nervous system by increasing the production of adrenaline, which reduces the sensation of tiredness and facilitates intellectual work;
  • Maca, also adaptogen, it is in support of all functions of the body in need. It thus exerts a tonic action on the whole body and is a great support during sports activity.
  • winter tiredness? Hard to train? Natural solutions exist!
  • Ineldea Laboratories have selected through their range STC Nutrition® the best natural active ingredients to optimize the intake of essential nutrients and energizing plants, tailored to the needs of the athlete, in addition to a varied and balanced diet.

>> TVS 500

With its unique and comprehensive composition - 16 extracts of plants, 8 Vitamins & Minerals (Goji, Propolis, Echinacea, Grapefruit Seed, Aloe vera, Acerola, Guarana, Ginseng, Spirulina, Vitamins B and C, Magnesium, Iron .. .) TVS 500 is focused tone and strength ideal for athletes from the Fall!


The Guarana extract acts favorably on mental fatigue;

• Ginseng extracts of Spirulina and contribute to the body's resistance and enhance the vitality;

• Eleutherococcus extract the supporting physical and mental abilities when fatigued;

• Vitamins C, B6, B9, B12, magnesium and iron contribute to reducing fatigue;

• Echinacea extracts from Chlorella, Curcuma, aloe and papaya, the C-B6-B12 Vitamins and Copper, support the natural defenses;

• Vitamin C, Manganese, Aloe extracts of Spirulina can help protect cells from oxidative stress.

Ideal of 15 days. A renew 2 times during the season.


Alternating with TVS 500 33 VITAMINS & ANTIOXIDANTS complements the supply vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, for better resistance to stress effort: Ginkgo, Bilberry, the olive leaf, rosemary and Marc Grapes contain antioxidants. Associated with the Copper, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin B2, C and E, they help protect cells from oxidative stress; B6-B9-B12 and Vitamin C, Copper, Selenium and Zinc, involved in immune system function.

In 30 days cure.


CARNITINE COMPLEX is specifically developed for endurance enthusiasts who want to support their physical and mental performance over time. In addition to L-carnitine Carnipure ™ ( ) , the best quality in the market , CARNITINE COMPLEX contains Ginseng extract that helps maintain the physical and mental abilities when fatigued for endurance optimal , and vitamin B6, which helps reduce fatigue.

Cure of 15 to 30 days .


Just before the meeting, a GUARANA SHOT provides a good " boost " thanks to guarana extract titrated in caffeine, which helps reduce fatigue and maintain alertness and concentration, and at C and B6 vitamins to lessen tiredness.


During the effort , energy and isotonic drink of ISOTONIC POWER efforts not only provides carbohydrates for energy and electrolytes for optimal hydration , helping to maintain performance during prolonged endurance exercise , but also Guarana extract and energizing Powergrape® grape extract , which helps protect cells from oxidative stress and reduce feelings of heaviness in the legs ( ) .

At a rate of approximately 500 ml per hour of exercise, and 500 ml immediately after it.