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20 years of expertise in the field of food supplements and passion for the sport and its values ​​have made NUTRITION® STC , a must-have brand , acclaimed by both top athletes by amateur practitioners. A full range and sharp with the ability to make the most of their individual capital while respecting its balance.

Multisports , range STC NUTRITION® can meet the different objectives that each athlete can have in terms of weight gain, muscle building , stamina , power and energy needs.

STC NUTRITION® you through its range of proteins: increasingly innovative and cutting-edge products to best meet your expectations !


MUSCLE WHEY + more muscle !



Proteins, complex assemblies of amino acids, are the muscle. Can not be stored by the body, they must be supplied in the diet to compensate for natural degradation ( "catabolism") but also to forge the desired muscles. The Whey protein (or whey protein), because of their high rate of protein and rapid assimilation, are particularly well suited for muscle development. For optimal efficiency, we advise you to maximize the assimilation of proteins satisfying the following 2 points:

1 / Consume your dietary protein within 30 minutes of strain

2 / Choose an easily digestible protein, which in addition to optimizing the amino acid uptake by the muscle will help avoid digestive heaviness in the effort.

Muscle Whey + is the latest STC NUTRITION® novelty in terms of protein. Its strength lies in its association with very high nutritional value: Whey Colostrum + + + Hydrolyzed collagen Glutamine.

• Glutamine is a constituent amino acid of the muscle,

• Colostrum is rich in protein (14% instead of 3.2% in the average milk), vitamin A and minerals,

• Collagen is an essential component of the body tissues including muscles.

Whey Muscle + is also a source of magnesium and Vitamin D, which contributes to normal muscle function, and rich in Vitamin B5, which contributes to normal synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones (hormones which includes testosterone and participating in the muscle growth).

Like all STC NUTRITION protein, Whey Muscle + contains AMINOLISE (fibers, lactic acid bacteria, digestive enzymes and proteolytic), an association of asset innovative and exclusive natural origin which allows optimum assimilation of proteins while reducing red digestive sometimes observed in periods taken.



An exclusive association: Protein isolate + 100% L-carnitine + caffeine + chrome


The drying phase comes just after the mass gain realized during the winter. It may also concern throughout the year men endomorph profile (high fat levels, size large, bone mass) and those advancing in age, we recommend that promote lean muscle gain (but slower less penalizing in terms of fat gain).

For dry muscle, we recommend taking a protein with a very high level of protein rich in casein (which is a slow-digesting protein) as the 95 STC NUTRITION protein.

To achieve perfect muscle definition, ISOLATE PREMIUM implements rolls proteins: Whey isolate, particularly adapted to optimize drying. ISOLATE PREMIUM also has the advantage of having a very high nutritional value. It contains Carnipure® (a 100% pure form of L-Carnitine) and green tea extract, known for its fat-burning properties, chromium that participates in the metabolism of fats, vitamins and amino acids connected directly related to the heart muscle.

Another advantage is its innovative and refreshing fluid texture to taste Cola / Lemon. Consume 1 to 2 times per day, preferably between meals, during the training session or maximum 1 hour.



Specially developed based on plant proteins (soya, peas , rice) , vitamins and minerals, PLANT PROTEIN will contribute to building muscle.

VEGETABLE PROTEIN is also a source of calcium, which is involved in muscle function and rich in Vitamins C , B2 , B5 , B6 , B12 and PP, who will participate in energy metabolism and help reduce fatigue. Vitamin B6 is in turn also involved in protein synthesis.

VEGETABLE PROTEIN is ideal alternative 100% vegetable and enriched with AMINOLISE for optimum assimilation.