Slim & toned
Slim & toned
Slim & toned

Block calories ? ID- alG Innovation

The ID-alG ™ is a brown seaweed extract rich in original marine polyphenols, trace elements and minerals. A complex with exceptional slimming properties. ID-alG ™ works by limiting the absorption of fats and sugars thereby controlling caloric intake. The results are proven and induce weight loss associated with a reduction in fat storage without side effects. The thighs and buttocks are also refined.

The ID-alG ™ inhibits to 60% the digestive enzymes of sugars and fats. Not absorbed, they are then removed by natural means, which naturally regulates energy balance. On the other hand, the ID-alG ™ is naturally rich in iodine which activates the destocking of fat reserves for energy production thus promoting weight loss.

Effects on clinically proven weight loss

A clinical study conducted on 60 women who consumed a daily dose of 400 mg for two months confirmed the significant effects on weight loss without side effects: weight loss of 3 kg for women with a body mass index (BMI ) less than or equal to 30! This weight loss is all the more interesting as it relates to loss of fat mass. Result: 76% of consumers of ID-alG ™ were convinced by its slimming effects!

Therefore INELDEA Laboratories have developed an innovative dietary supplement in the range STC Nutrition®: KILLERCAL® to brown seaweed extract base-ID alG, fiber and Nopal picolinate Chrome.


Specially designed for overweight people who are greedy and want to control their weight, KILLERCAL® is a cure that can lose up to 3 kg in 2 months.

KILLERCAL® STC Nutrition ® was formulated with natural ingredients. A complex combining the ID-alG ™ with fiber and Nopal extract Chrome.

The fibers nopal capture up to 27% of ingested fat, which naturally reduces caloric intake. The brown seaweed extract alG-ID ™ promotes weight loss and fat mass thanks to its dual action in inhibiting 60% pancreatic lipase and amylase. Chromium picolinate in turn, activates the metabolism of sugars and fats to reduce cravings for snacks and facilitate weight loss.

KILLERCAL® therefore acts on the loss of body fat by reducing caloric intake related to activation of thermogenesis. KILLERCAL® blocks the absorption of sugars and fats without any side effects!