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Water retention, STC Nutrition advice !

95% of women are affected by water retention, without having weight problems! And some men are not spared ...

Water retention can be defined as an excessive accumulation of water in all or part of the body. Normally, the water represents about 50% of the weight of our body and our kidneys ensure the balance between water that is absorbed and the water through urine or sweat is eliminated. Water retention occurs when the body stores more water than it eliminates. Most of the time, this disorder disappears quickly, but the discomfort it causes often grows to seek advice to get around.

> What are the causes?

They are numerous, the most famous is a diet high in salt, whose role is to retain water in the body. Many women make the water retention due to hormonal fluctuations: 95% of them would be affected during menstruation. Heat is also a trigger factor: people who are sensitive feel more swollen during hot and humid days, if prolonged standing, of air travel ... Increased sensitivity to pollution and toxins, some food intolerances or poor hydration can also contribute.

> What are the signs commonly reported in the case of water retention?

This imbalance results in a swelling of body parts, especially legs (heavy legs sensation), ankles and feet. People prone to water retention can see their weight fluctuate, sometimes even during the same day. They feel bloated even after a light meal or try several diets, but fail so far to slim down. They feel tight, which is particularly uncomfortable.

> Our advice

Paradoxically, to fight against water retention, drink more, not less! An adequate water supply is essential. It is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of water per day, even more if we exercise or in hot weather.

Some extracts of plants such as Cacti-NéaTM, resulting from the Prickly pear, or extract of mouse-ear hawkweed (a perennial) have natural draining properties [1] quite interesting to promote the removal of water through the urinary tract and reduce feelings of legs "heavy" and / or "swollen". Other plants act directly on the causes of water retention, as Rhodiola, which regulates the hormonal system in case of stress, in order to reduce water retention that it may cause (cortisol).

DIURENIL® STC Nutrition®, finally the solution!

DIURENIL® combines the most effective natural ingredients to fight effectively against water retention and reduce the associated swelling. Formulated with Cacti-NeaTM, a patented extract of prickly pear clinically proven effects, it also contains Rhodiola to reduce water retention related to stress [3] by promoting the regulation of cortisol, as well as the piloselle and Potassium to help eliminate.

Presented in single-dose unbreakable daily, DIURENIL® easily transported everywhere!

Cacti- NeaTM , a 100% active anti- revolutionary water retention natural!

- Cacti- NeaTM is effective and without side effects, 87% of women with water retention problems are satisfied!

- A clinical study shows that consumption of 2g / day CACTI -NEA ™ 28 days [2] (equivalent to a single dose) provides:

• Increase of 27% of the urinary elimination, from the 7th day

• Weight loss up to 3.3 kg in 28 days, 100 % in the form of water,

• Reduced sensation of feet, ankles and knees swollen 68%.

Cacti- NeaTM is a registered trademark of Bio Laboratories SeraeSources:

(1)    Galati EM, Tripodo MM, Trovato A, Miceli N, Monforte MT. Biological effect of Opuntia ficus indica (L.) Mill. (Cactaceae) waste matter – Note 1 : diuretic activity. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 79, 2002, 17-21

(2)    Bio Serae – Cacti-NeaTM clinical study – Octobre 2010

(3)    A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study of the standardised extract shr-5 of the roots of Rhodiola rosea in the treatment of subjects with stress-related fatigue. Olsson EM, von Schéele B, Panossian AG. Planta Med. 2009 Feb;75(2):105-12.