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    Peanuts Sunflower and Squash seeds Cranberries and raisins Rich in fibre The Product +: Gluten-free

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  • 100% vegetable protein (17% per portion) Sunflower, squash and flax seeds Mix of grains and legumes Honey The Product +: Soya free – Lactose free – Gluten free

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  • «High performance energy cake»

    Optimal assimilation Long Term Energy The + Product: The AMINOLISE ®, an exclusive innovation scientific STC NUTRITION ® Unique combination of natural active ingredients: fiber, lactic ferments, proteolytic digestive enzymes and the AMINOLISE ® can provide easily digestible protein. Assimilation is faster while minimizing the side effects commonly...

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    70% native vegetable protein: isolates of pea, soya and rice protein obtained by crushing 17.5 g of proteins, including 2.9 g of BCAA and 3 g of glutamine, per shaker No sugars or fats, 84 kcal per shaker Natural flavourings: free of colours and gluten 100% Vegan Product Highlight: Exclusive innovation (patent pending): AMINOLISE® To maximise...

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  • «Resistance to exercise stress»

    Rustproofing Plant extracts (Ginkgo, Grape, ...), vitamins (B2, C, ...) and minerals (Zinc, Selenium, ...): Anti-oxidant in the body Support natural defenses The + Product: Unique complex of antioxidants  

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