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  • «High performance energy cake»

    Optimal assimilation Long Term Energy The + Product: The AMINOLISE ®, an exclusive innovation scientific STC NUTRITION ® Unique combination of natural active ingredients: fiber, lactic ferments, proteolytic digestive enzymes and the AMINOLISE ® can provide easily digestible protein. Assimilation is faster while minimizing the side effects commonly...

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  • 100% vegetable protein (17% per portion) Sunflower, squash and flax seeds Mix of grains and legumes Honey The Product +: Soya free – Lactose free – Gluten free

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  • «High Performance Energy bar»

    Special Long Term Efforts Carbohydrates Whey +  

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  • «Muscle Growth and Energy»

    Creatine + Taurine + BCAA The + product:An exclusive innovation: L' Aminolise ® Regular consumption of protein can cause some adverse effects frequently observed such as: bloating, gas, sluggishness and digestive heaviness. For digestibility and optimal assimilation, all our proteins (excluding Whey Gold Plus and Muscle Protein) are enriched by an...

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  • «Isotonic energy drink»

    Maltodextrin Dextrose + Fructose + To extract Guarana support physical and mental vitality To extract Grape Powergrape ®: antioxidant etréduit feelings of heaviness in the legs The + Product: Optimal assimilation Powergrape + ® (

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  • «Special muscle contractures»

    Promotes lactic acid breakdown Contributes to normal muscle function Helps to counteract fatigue The + Product : with plant extracts, vitamin B6 and minerals.

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  • «Energy Drink 100% Maltodextrins»

    Energy drink in preparation for prolonged diffusion Maltodextrins + Vitamins Energy + Hydration + maintaining performance The + Product: Optimal assimilation, Taste Neutral, No Acidity.  

    10,43 €
  • Zero Calorie concentrated Special Fitness The + Product: Formula enriched with L-Carnitine Carnipure ™: trademark of Lonza Ltd, Switzerland, which provides L-Carnitine a rare purity. Shot little practice to drink

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  • «Pre training warm-up massage»

    The + Product: Formula validated by physiotherapists

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